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 Business Partner Webinar Proposal Application  

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  Thank you for your interest in presenting a LeadingAge Minnesota webinar! To submit your proposal, complete the online application. Complete a separate application for each proposed webinar. We are constantly looking for webinar topics so there is no deadline for submission. Proposal applications that fail to meet all guidelines or are incomplete will not be considered for review.
Limit to eight words
  Learning Objectives: What will the webinar participant learn? As the title implies, these are learner focused and speak to what will be different for them after participating in the webinar. "By the end of this educational webinar, participants will be able to..."
Check only one
Check only one
Select no more than three responses.

Provide a detailed overview (no more than 300 words) of the webinar (beyond the learning objectives you listed) and describe how the subject matter will be delivered via your webinar, i.e., case studies, pictorial, illustrations, etc. Please focus on what will be covered and what participants will take away, rather than who will be delivering it.
  Lead Speaker Information
Please make sure this email address is valid.
Include no more than a three to five sentence bio.
  Additional Speaker Information
Include no more than a three to five sentence bio.
  CONSENT: On behalf of its members, LeadingAge Minnesota staff seeks to keep webinar registration fees as reasonably priced as possible and looks to Business Partners in the field of aging services to help support our efforts. The consent items below reflect that philosophy of operation. Please check each statement to indicate consent.
I have read and understand the Guidelines for Webinar Speakers.  
I understand that I am responsible for paying all related expenses associated with my participation in this webinar (long distance or travel expenses to LeadingAge Minnesota office, development time, etc.).  
I will inform LeadingAge Minnesota within 30 days prior to the webinar if, for any reason, the webinar will not be presented and/or will find a suitable replacement.  
I understand a PowerPoint presentation is required two weeks in advance of scheduled webinar.  
I understand that LeadingAge Minnesota charges a fee to webinar participants and that all monies will be retained by LeadingAge Minnesota.  
I understand that LeadingAge Minnesota will record my presentation and make it available for purchase via the Internet (all monies will be retained by LeadingAge Minnesota). I authorize LeadingAge Minnesota to record, reproduce and publish my presentation in whole or in part with proper credit.  
I understand that promoting a company, service or product during the session is prohibited. It both detracts from a positive learning experience for the attendees and risks putting me and my company in a less than positive light.  
I agree to review my PowerPoint slides to make sure that any pictures, graphs, cartoons, etc., used are copyright free.  
  Steps for Submitting a Proposal

1. Verify all the information submitted in the application is correct.

2. Save and/or print a text file (.txt) copy of your application for your records/future reference.

3. Click on the "Done" tab. (After you click "Done," wait for the thank you message to appear. Do not click the "Done" more than one time. Clicking your browser's "Stop" button may or may not stop your submission.)

4. If you are having problems with this online form, please contact Jenny Prosser at or 651.603.3548.
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